High Speed:

A digitally controlled servo motor, curve smoothing function and 32-bit RISC CPU provide exacting high-speed cutting, with a maximum cutting speed of 850mm/sec. (33″/sec.).


High Precision:

Three standard cutting modes – Normal, Heavy and Hi-speed – provide optimum versatility. Fine tuning controls adjust blade force pressure between 20 and 350 gf for utmost agility and precision.


High Quality and Reliability:

Roland cutters are known worldwide for producing outstanding results year after year. A reliable tracking system makes continuous, cutting of long signs and banners possible.


USB Connection

Plug and play capabilities with convenient USB port located on the back panel.
*Includes Windows® 95/98/Me/2000/NT 4.0 drivers.
*Roland CutChoice™ is compatible with Adobe® Illustrator® ver. 8.0/9.0 or CorelDRAW® 8.0/9.0/10.0 on Windows® 98/Me/2000, and Adobe® Illustrator® ver.8.0/9.0 on Mac OS 8.6-9x.

Unique Front and Rear Loading Capabilities
Increased flexibility and productivity with back-to-front and front-to-back media feeding capabilities for both cut sheets and rolls.


Easy Operation

Front panel includes buttons for frequently used settings such as blade force, cutting speed and origin point. Stores cutting conditions for up to eight pre-set jobs, including cutting speed, blade compensation, blade force, tool movement speed during tool-up and cutting mode.


Four Roll Media Capacity

In addition to the included roll hanger, three optional hangers can be added for enhanced productivity and media storage. Position two forward rolls for front loading and two rear rolls for back loading.


Advanced FeaturesAutomatic sheet cutter separates the output sheets.

Built-in accessory holder stores blades, holders, knives, etc.
Re-plot function re-cuts jobs at the touch of a button.